Xiaomi 13 Ultra Worldwide & Chinese Variations Ordered on IMEI Database; Dispatch Underway

Xiaomi 13 Ultra Worldwide & Chinese Variations Ordered on IMEI Database; Dispatch Underway

Xiaomi’s prepping their flagship MI 13 Series for Global launch. Two devices from the lineup, MI 13 and 13 Pro, have been in the Chinese market since December, though Xiaomi 13 Ultra still awaits its launch. Ahead of its official release, certification listings for the Ultra are popping up on the web.

Its most recent listing is on the IMEI Database, and it’s listed there under model numbers 2304FPN6DC (Chinese) & 2304FPN6DG (Global). MI 13 Ultra didn’t unveil any specific specs on IMEI; however, it did indicate that MI 13 Ultra will launch worldwide, unlike the 12S Ultra, which remained exclusive to China.

UI versions on both Chinese and Global variants will be Android 13-based MIUI 14. Codename “Ishtar” is another indicator pointing at Ultra as the new Xiaomi flagship camera phone. Xiaomi prides itself on its partnership with Leica, providing ultimate photography on mobile devices.

Some prior reports highlighted the optical stats of the phone. Allegedly, MI 13 Ultra boasts Sony’s latest 1-inch IMX989 sensor. It’s a 50MP outsole and could serve as the primary camera on the phone. In addition, Xiaomi’s improving the optical zoom on the phone. It is expected to carry a flagship Xiaomi smartphone price.


According to a leak from a notable tipster, the periscope sensor under the 13 Ultra’s squared socket would shock everyone. For those of you who don’t know, periscope sensors are optical zoomers with the sensor embedded sideways under the shell. They fold up inside smartphones and transmit light from the lens to the image sensor with prisms, much like the periscope in submarines.

In other specs, the phone will bring Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and max 16Gigs of LPDDR5x RAM with UFS 4.1 storage. It will flaunt an ultimate camera combo with four flagship sensors, all supporting PDAF autofocus, and OIS stabilization.

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